Upcoming Deadlines for Student Awards in Green Chemistry

The Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowship sponsors young international green chemistry scholars to participate in any international green chemistry technical meeting, conference, or training program of their choosing. “Young” international scholar is defined as undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-docs.

Apply by February 1, 2010 for Student Awards in Green Chemistry. Award notifications will be made by May 1 and the fellowship must be used during 2010.

The Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial Award honors outstanding student contributions to furthering the goals of green chemistry through research or education. The award is a one-time cash award in the amount of $1,000 (USD) and is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Deadline for applications is Feb 1, 2010. The award is sponsored by the ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry and the National Institute of Standards & Technology, and will be presented during the awards ceremony of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards on June 21, 2010.