Green Chemistry News

  • Toward substitution with no regrets.
    Substantial resources are devoted to identifying and measuring the problem of hazardous chemicals in society, but at least the same resources need to be available for the molecular designs of safer chemicals.
  • Green chemistry advocate Robin Rogers.
    With his trademark crimson sport coat and folksy southern drawl, it’s hard to miss Robin D. Rogers, one of Alabama’s most famous sons. He’s a chemist with a career that reflects his go-getting personality—teacher, ionic liquids researcher, crystallographer, green and sustainable chemistry advocate, entrepreneur, journal editor.
  • Greener routes to polymers.
    Seeking to commercialize more sustainable production routes to plastics, Asahi Kasei Chemicals and Bayer MaterialScience plan to build plants that use new chemistries.

Green Chemistry Drivers

  • Dubai buildings must use green concrete.
    Hours after switching off lights for Earth Hour, Dubai on Sunday announced its decision to switch to green concrete to make its ever-expanding built-up areas healthier and more sustainable.
  • It’s time to understand the science behind BPA.
    Proponents of BPA (the ubiquitous chemical bisphenol-A) are fueling a science war. To counter the growing sentiment that BPA is harmful, chemical-industry lobbyists recently launched a splashy advertising campaign asking consumers to “listen to the science” about BPA. We agree!