Green Chemistry News

  • Senator uses industry roots to prod companies to do better.
    Across the country, scientists are working to change how the chemical industry designs its products, so that researchers inventing the next generation of chemicals avoid the mistakes of the past - which left companies and communities with environmental liabilities, health problems and Superfund cleanups.
  • Eliminating the need for chemistry.
    Should greening organic synthesis or finding new, nontoxic chemicals and materials be necessary, when we might more simply eliminate the need for synthetic chemistry?

Green Chemistry Drivers

  • Bisphenol A is one can not to kick down the road.
    A desirable outcome would be development of a product with less public health baggage, but this could lead to increased packaging costs. With time, proper alternatives can be found. As such, this is one issue where we shouldn’t kick the can down the road.
  • Tackling toxics.
    Most Americans believe that if a chemical is in their cosmetics, their coat, or their couch, someone is making sure it's safe for their health. In reality, little toxicity information or regulation is required for 80,000 industrial chemicals used in commerce in the United States.