Green Chemistry News

  • What's next for green chemistry?
    In a year punctuated by toxic chemistry crises – including the Flint River scandal and large-scale water pollution in upstate New York – green chemistry offers an increasingly relevant route toward a healthier, more sustainable society.

Green Chemistry Drivers

  • A pervasive threat: The danger of in utero BPA exposure.
    A new study revealed a possible link between bisphenol A exposure in utero to breast cancer later in life. In the process, the researchers created a new bioassay that can test chemicals much faster than typical animal studies.
  • Selling shampoo, eye cream and a chemical crackdown.
    The last time Congress thoroughly overhauled the regulation of personal care products like cosmetics and shampoo, World War II had not yet begun. That could change soon. And the call for more stringent oversight of the industry is coming from a coalition of companies.