Green Chemistry News

  • Big businesses vow to tackle plastics problem.
    At the World Economic Forum in Davos, major corporations have signed on to an initiative to better reuse and recycle plastic packaging - to reap economic benefits, and in hopes of stemming an environmental crisis.
  • 25 signs of hope from the Obama Era.
    The eight years of the Obama presidency didn’t lack for environmental (or anti-environmental) gaffes and scams. But those years also gave us plenty of advances and signs of hope. Here are a quick twenty-five., As President Obama steps down, here are 25 signs of hope, change and environmental progress from the past eight years.

Green Chemistry Drivers

  • World chemical outlook 2017.
    Business people are by nature optimists, and that was true a year ago when companies and economists forecast a buoyant 2016 for the global chemical economy. In the end, however, business didn’t live up to expectations.