Green Chemistry News

  • The artificial leaf Is here. Again.
    Daniel Nocera, a Harvard chemist has pioneered the artificial leaf, an invention that generates energy more or less the way a tree does. Light strikes a container of water and out bubbles hydrogen, an energy source. Discovering a brilliant way to efficiently generate hydrogen is hard enough. Then there’s everything that comes after.
  • Recasting regulatory strategies to enable green chemistry.
    Pharmaceutical process chemists are in a unique position to design and develop chemical processes that not only improve drug efficacy and safety but also are good for the environment and their company’s bottom line—goals that embody the principles of green chemistry.
  • California proposes changes for some consumer products.
    California is proposing that manufacturers eliminate hazardous chemicals from three types of consumer products, either by removal or reformulation with safer chemicals. The classes of products would be the first targeted under a state initiative for safer consumer products that took effect last year.

Green Chemistry Drivers

  • Top 5 USDA discoveries of 2013, including weight-loss flour.
    Each year, the agency issues its dryly named "Report on Technology Transfers," which outlines scientific breakthroughs that came about through USDA research. The more interesting breakthroughs include fertilizer from tires and gold particles that detect West Nile virus.
  • Stash Tea leaves SFI in green controversy.
    Portland-based Stash Tea is the most recent company to reject the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), an Oregon nonprofit, from its label, joining 25 brands including AT&T and Allstate.