Green Chemistry News

  • Eliminating the need for chemistry.
    Should greening organic synthesis or finding new, nontoxic chemicals and materials be necessary, when we might more simply eliminate the need for synthetic chemistry?
  • What comes out in the wash.
    It's the tiny fibers, less than one millimeter wide, that come from our clothes when we launder them. These fibers make their way into the world's rivers and seas through the sewage and drainage systems of our cities.
  • Pressure for chemical law reform mounts.
    A diverse coalition of stakeholders who normally don’t agree with one another is pushing lawmakers to fix the Toxic Substances Control Act —a nearly 40-year-old U.S. chemical safety law that nearly everyone says is flawed.

Green Chemistry Drivers

  • Barriers to pollution prevention.
    Many industrial facilities aren’t acting to prevent the release of toxic chemicals because they aren’t aware of less hazardous alternatives, according to new data released by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • No tangled web.
    A team of materials scientists have been trying to make strong polymer fibres using less-nasty solvents. Not only have they succeeded, their virtue has been rewarded by the discovery that this approach creates even stronger materials than the old and noxious one.