Green Chemistry is a tool for innovation. Whether in education, business, product design or building a sustainable economy – green chemistry provides the molecular architecture of the new economy.

An entrepreneur is a change-agent.  She views a crisis as an opportunity. From internet search engines to organic milk, entrepreneurs create new approaches to old challenges and in the process create breakthrough products, disrupt markets, and shift society in new productive directions.

Contrary to the popular myth of an entrepreneur as a lone wolf, successful entrepreneurs in fact are highly strategic team players. Successful entrepreneurs think, create, and act in networks of like-minded people. Though “the entrepreneur” is a person with an idea or a passion, true innovation (i.e. turning passion into product) happens when a network of people with diverse resources are galvanized around the act of creation.

This is where Green Chemistry comes in.  Creating a “green” product requires a network of skills, from the Mom who needs a baby bottle that is totally safe, to the chemists who design the plastic that contains no hormone-mimics, to the toxicologists who assay the plastic to ensure this claim, to the product designer who gives it a cool shape, to the investor who sees a market opening for green baby products… Green Chemistry is a vital link in the chain of innovation.

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