For Educators

In chemistry classrooms around the world from high schools, to community colleges, to universities educators are re-designing chemistry curricula to be greener and safer. They are training tomorrow’s chemists using the principles of Green Chemistry. Enterprising teachers and students have developed hands-on experiments and lectures that teach essential chemistry lessons without using the toxic substances that were traditionally used in the past.  By designing greener experiments and capturing the imagination of their students Green Chemistry educators are at the front line of building tomorrow’s chemistry.

There is a growing number of resources for chemistry educators at every level. One can access curricula, experiments, lectures, and other teaching tools and most are available free of charge.

To find teaching materials:

The Green Chemistry Education Network (GC EdNet), supports peer-to-peer learning and curriculum development efforts at community, technical colleges and universities; search for people and institutions on the U. of Oregon’s Green Chemistry Google Map.

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