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Companies that think strategically about the molecular nature of their products and processes are emerging as market leaders. Green chemistry gives your company strategic advantage by enabling you to design and differentiate products and processes by environment and health criteria, and capture top and bottom line profits throughout the value chain.

Green Chemistry places human and ecological health at the heart of product design and manufacturing. It borrows nature’s biological processes to create molecules, materials and processes that are safe and high-performing. Because it emphasizes increased reliance on renewable inputs, Green chemistry provides the means of shifting away from a petrochemical-based economy to a bio-based economy.

A broad spectrum of companies are benefiting from Green Chemistry, from industry giants to small start-ups. The EPA has allocated funding to stimulate greener businesses through its Small Business Innovation (SBIR) program and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program.

Award winning technologies are transforming the way products are created. Green chemistry design and innovation is being applied to a range of applications including:

Adhesives                         • Pesticides
• Cleaning products                 • Pharmaceuticals
• Fine chemicals                     • Plastics
• Pulp and paper                     • Nanotechnologies
• Textile manufacturing          • Paints and coatings
• Water purification                • Fuels and renewable energy technologies

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