New! Environmental Health Sciences– a Primer for Green Chemists. Key concepts in 21st century toxicology in simple language.

Green chemistry works.
Green chemistry is a powerful innovation tool – for educators, business, policy makers, and investors. There has been a sea change in our understanding of chemicals and their effect on the environment and human health.  This new awareness requires an entirely new way of approaching chemical design. That change in chemical design is green chemistry.

By engaging molecular designers, green chemists demonstrate that hazard and toxicity are design flaws that can be avoided. Green chemistry innovation is happening across the globe in both universities and in industry.

Green chemistry works:
•   For educators, Green chemistry breathes new life and energy into the classroom.
•   For business people, Green chemistry provides new means of top- and bottom-line sources of profitability.
•   For policy makers, Green chemistry ensures public health and safety while helping to support economic redevelopment and new “green jobs”.
•   For investors, Green chemistry opens up new markets and provides liability protection.