GC Awards and Competitions

Awards and Competitions in Green Chemistry with up-coming deadlines:

Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Nominations are due December 31 each year.

The annual Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards recognize outstanding chemical technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry into chemical design, manufacture, and use.

Nominations – The program invites nominations that describe the technical benefits of a green chemistry technology as well as its human health and environmental benefits.

Nominations are accepted from:
* Individuals
* Groups
* Non-profit and for-profit organizations
* Academia
* Industry

The nominated green chemistry technology must have reached a significant milestone within the past five years in the United States (i.e., it must been researched, demonstrated, implemented, applied, patented, etc.).

Selection of the Recipients – An independent panel, selected by the American Chemical Society, evaluates nominations for the awards.

Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards recipients receive national public recognition for their outstanding accomplishments in the research, development, and/or implementation of green chemical technologies.

Other Awards and Competitions:
* January 4, 2010 – Call for Nominations for the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Awards begins.
* August 27, 2009 – January 5, 2010 – EPA:  P3: People, Prosperity and the Planet
Student Design Competition for Sustainability.
* Generation Green: Youth Voices and Visions – a writing contest for youth, part of  “The New Green Economy” The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE)conference held in Wash, DC January 20-22, 2010.