Science Communication Fellows

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Our Science Communication Fellows learn to translate and effectively communicate the latest research – and its scientific and societal implications – to general audiences. The fellowship is unique in that it places researchers at the interface between science and journalism.

Each year, 10 outstanding researchers from the fields of environmental health and green chemistry serve as Fellows. They bring with them a wide range of experiences and intimate understanding of diverse disciplines. During the year-long program, they develop the essential skills to convey in plain and engaging language important research findings. Fellows also become valuable sources for reporters who write about these complex issues.

The program’s aims are to train future leaders and increase public awareness and understanding of the rapidly evolving research associated with the interdisciplinary fields associated with environmental health sciences and green chemistry. The program alerts journalists and the public to new findings through original research reviews and commentaries published electronically. In the process, the Fellows gain a wider world view and make important connections with one another and with new scientific ideas.

The program was initiated in 2007 by Environmental Health Sciences – publisher of Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate – and  Science Communication Network, a non-profit dedicated to helping scientists interact with the media.

Meet the Fellows:

2010 Fellows

2011 Fellows

2012 Fellows