21st Century Toxicology

What makes a molecule biologically active? What dose sizes are relevant? What about chemical mixtures? AGC and Environmental Health Sciences hosted a special series of sessions to explore these issues and more at the Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference June 22 and 23rd, 2010 in Wash, DC.

21st Century Toxicology – What Every Chemist Should Know:

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See the PPT Presentations:

Session I – 21st Century Toxicology – Part 1

Session II – 21st Century Toxicology – Part 2

Session III – 21st Century Toxicology – Part 3

  • Introduction to NHANES: the CDC’s Great (Free) Human Exposure Data Resource – Dr. Richard Stahlhut, University of Rochester
  • Reproductive Effects of Phthalate Mixtures and Green Chem Initiatives at the National Toxicology Program – Dr. Kembra Howdeshell, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Low Doses Have Large Effects: The Case of Bisphenol A – Dr. Laura Vandenburg, Tufts University

Session IV – Is Green Chemistry Up to the Challenge? Replacing Chemicals of Concern