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Julie Jones, AGC Executive Director

Julie Jones – Executive Director

Julie has extensive experience as a leader of innovative non-profit organizations and as a connector of brilliant thinkers and strategic actors. She co-founded AGC in 2006 with Karen O’Brien.  AGC brings together chemists and industry, academic institutions and policy makers, to collaborate on turning the vision of a world without toxic chemicals into reality.

Prior to AGC, Julie was the Project Director for the “Green Chemistry Centers of Excellence Project” at the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute (GCI), work that put her at the forefront of Green Chemistry education and research.  Her work at GCI followed many years at some of the most impactful statewide and national environmental and public health foundations. She served as a Program Officer for the W. Alton Jones Foundation where she managed grants in the areas of grassroots Children’s Health, Renewable Energy and Climate Change, and Environmental Economics. After the dissolution of the Jones Foundation, she transitioned to the Virginia Health Care Foundation where she specialized in building unique coalitions to increase access to affordable, essential health care services for uninsured and under-served Virginians.  She has also served as the Executive Director of the Virginia Health and Environment Project, as the Conservation Organizer for the Virginia Sierra Club, and as the Special Projects Coordinator for Madison House- the student volunteer center at the University of Virginia (UVa).

Julie was born and raised on a family farm on the Moormans River in Albemarle County, Virginia.  A UVA graduate with a degree in Planning and Government, she lives in Charlottesville with her husband Dan Rosensweig and two children.